IT suites and cyber cafes

Many churches wish to set up cyber cafes and IT suites at their premises.

Before you set up a suite it is advisable to contact your insurance provider to ensure that you have adequate cover for the equipment. Your insurer may also apply some conditions to your policy.

If you have a computer suite

  • Undertake a full risk assessment to identify any risks before setting up. 
  • Install a suitable alarm system to prevent theft, this should be NACOSS or equivalent (with police response) and Redcare signaling.
  • If this is a new system, then a dual signaling system may be required by the local police force.
  • When setting up the suite it is important to ensure that you have enough plug sockets and that you do not exceed capacity.  For more information please visit the electrical installations page.
  • It is important to restrict ‘inappropriate’ sites and have enough supervision in the suite to spot any misuse by operators.
  • Ensure that all the computers are secure – please visit the data security page for more information.