Youth clubs

When starting a youth group particular attention should be given to a number of issues in order to ensure that the youth work is both professionally run, safe and has adequate support, as well as being attractive to young people.

Before setting up a youth club or group you should:

  • Carry out a full risk assessment on the premises that are to be used for work with young people. Additionally, risk assessments should be completed for all activities provided;
  • Have a minimum of two leaders involved in the work with the recommended ratio of leaders to young people being 1:8. For groups that contain a mix of genders there should be at least one male leader and one female leader present;
  • Have an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check for all leaders and volunteers before they work with young people or children and ensure they follow your churches child protection policy; 
    More information regarding the role of the DBS and services provided can be found at:
  • Ensure the premises are appropriate for the needs of your group;
  • Keep up to date records of the contact details and emergency and medical information for all young people. Make sure you have them available during any meetings you run and keep them secure at all other times;
  • Ensure a First Aid kit is held on the premises and it is good practice for at least two leaders to receive first aid training. All accidents should be recorded in an accident book;
  • Agree an emergency fire procedure and communicate this at regular intervals to both young people and leaders;
  • Always know which young people are in the building so it is important to keep a register;
  • Contact your church’s insurance provider when starting a youth group or undertaking a new activity with the group to ensure the church is fully insured.