It is possible that some churches may still contain asbestos.

It could be anywhere, such as in floor tiles but it is often found in insulation, lagging, fire protection or in wall and roof linings. It is also found in organ blower motor linings.

Risk assessments and inspections

You must carry out an assessment and survey to determine if asbestos is present, recording the location and condition of any asbestos detected. If you are not sure, you must presume that the material contains asbestos.

Working with asbestos often requires a license or notification to the appropriate authority. It is strongly advised that only licensed persons engage in any work involving asbestos.

Failure to implement any changes or work recommended by an inspector can leave an organisation potentially liable to civil or indeed criminal action.

You need to prepare a management plan to ensure the asbestos either remains safely on your premises or can be safely removed, which should include an emergency plan if the asbestos becomes unsafe.

For more information visit the asbestos section of the HSE website