Baptismal pools

Baptisms should be a joyous occasion.

If your place of worship has a baptismal pool it is important to identify any potential hazards and carry out a risk assessment in connection with its use including potential injury to individuals who are assisting the baptismal candidate.

Training must then be undertaken as necessary.


  • Electrical equipment, such as electric heaters, guitar amplifiers or trailing cables must not be near the pool or in changing areas where persons could be wet.
  • Measures must be taken to ensure that electrical equipment cannot fall into the pool.
  • Wire free microphones must be used in or within 2 metres of the pool.
  • Pools of water may collect near the pool and changing areas which results in the increased risk of slips and falls. Care must be taken to ensure that spills are mopped up as soon as possible. “Warning slippery surface” signs should be used where and as appropriate.
  • Where full body immersion takes place, care must be given to the safe handling of the person being baptised, whilst at the same time ensuring that the Minister also remains safe.
  • The cleanliness of the water must also be considered; there is a risk of legionella if water is not stored appropriately.
  • The body of water should not be left unattended or accessible by unaccompanied children as there is a risk of drowning or injury if unsupervised.