Supply of goods and services

If your church supplies goods and services, for example, it runs a charity shop or, it wishes to hold a jumble sale or similar event then it is advisable to consider what responsibilities the church has for selling those items.

Points to consider:

  • it is good practice to ensure all goods donated are checked to ensure that they are safe to sell;
  • gas appliances and electrical goods should be checked by a qualified person and labeled to show they have been inspected. Please note heating appliances and fire blankets should not be resold;
  • toys must be marked with a CE mark and selling of homemade toys should be avoided;
  • nursery goods must be checked thoroughly and must be as safe as new. These goods must carry an appropriate standard number and have details of a UK supplier or distributer;
  • if selling second hand upholstered furniture the foam must be Combustion Modified High Resilient (CMHR) and coverings must be cigarette and match resistant. Any mattress must be BS7177 compliant.

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