Temporary demountable structures (TDS)

If you are using temporary demountable structures such as stages, seating or marquees it is important to manage the erection and deconstruction safely as the risk of injury to occupants can be quite high.

For larger structures, it is recommended that these are hired in by the church and competent contractors are used to erect and dismantle.

Even if using a contractor it is important that the church carries out a full risk assessment.

Risk assessment considerations

  • Consider what the structure will be used for, what it needs to be able to do, who will use it and how?
  • Prepare a clear specification for your appointed TDS contractor outlining the structure’s required use.
  • TDS contractors hired to design, supply, build, manage and take down a structure for you, should be competent and adequately resourced.
  • Provide TDS contractors with relevant site information and/or allow them site access to carry out their own site assessments.
  • TDS contractors should undertake a risk assessment of the likely construction hazards. They would need to consider
  • Arrange for the structure to be checked to make sure that it has been built according to the design.
  • Inspect the structure for deterioration during the time it is installed in line with a documented management plan and, if needed, arrange for remedial works.
  • Any change in the proposed use of the structure or site conditions which may affect the structure’s suitability should trigger a design check for the new conditions. The organiser is responsible for ensuring this is done.
  • Ensure that any measures required to keep the structure safe during use are implemented. For example, if the structure is susceptible to the weather, monitor and measure the local weather conditions. In adverse weather conditions, know what to do with the structure to protect its stability, for example when to open wind relief panels and when to evacuate.

The above list is for guidance, for more information and considerations visit www.hse.gov.uk/event-safety/temporary-demountable-structures.htm