Managing flood risks

A large number of properties in the UK are susceptible to flooding.

If your place of worship is at risk it is important to try to reduce the impact and damage that flood water could cause.

Understanding the risk

Undertaking a risk assessment will assist you to understand how large the risk of flooding is.

You can establish this by looking at:

  • The flood history of your place of worship and the surrounding area;
  • How close the building is from rivers, lakes, and other water sources;
  • How close you are to water drainage ditches or streams;
  • Whether the property in a low-lying area;
  • Whether it is in a flood plain.

Protecting your property against flooding

  • If possible, raise electrical and telecommunication sockets to at least 1 metre.
  • Consider fitting flood protection devices such as airbrick covers, demountable barriers, non-return valves for drains and sewerage waste pipes.
  • Ensure that your place of worship is inspected and any maintenance undertaken on drainage systems annually.
  • Report any street drainage problems to your local authority.
  • Move any valuable items that could get damaged to a higher elevation in the building.
  • Create a flood kit which could include any important contact details, as well as details of the locations of utility shut off points such as your stop cock.

Subscribe to flood warnings alerts from the Environmental Agency.

For further information about preparing for flooding, have a look at the government’s website.